New collection: Catrice Caramé

Catrice will launch a new collection called Caramé. This collection is all about the mysticism of the East. This collection should make you think of a warm summer night in the sunset. Various warm colors like deep red, intense gold and bronze are shown. And as we're used to, it's afforable!

This edition will have two "intense" summery shades:
"Oriental Orange" 
Did you say orange? Maybe orange-red. A warm jelly.

"Berry Bazaar"
 A Berry jelly which I'd like to see in real life, it could be a great summer color for mani's or even better for pedi's or it could turn out like a granny pink. I hope it's the first one.

And then there are two shimmery shiny treasures:
"Bronzed Brown"
Just like the name, a brown with bronze shimmers in it. As I've said again, I'm not a brown lover, but I'd like to try this one, it's not a usual brown.

"Spiced Bronze"
A bronze with a bit of gold in it. It looks a little metallic, nice. 

Of course this edition will also have other make-up and it will be available in July and August. 
What do you think?

And I wanted to thank all my new followers, I really truly appreciate comments and advice from you! So don't be shy and tell me what you think.


  1. The brown looks most interesting to me; might be similar to an old Sally Hansen I have but will have to wait for swatches to see if I need to find someone to swap the Catrice to me.

  2. Love the packaging would love to ahve bronzed brown.

  3. I just bought the brown and bronze colors :)
    The red seemed not much special, and the berry I'd like to see as well, but was sold out already.
    I haven't tried them yet, only put them on a wheel, but so far I do like them!

  4. @ KarenD: maybe I could swap them if you want them.

    @ Shiny: I'd love to see your swatches!

  5. Wow!
    "Oriental Orange" its what i love !

  6. following you back now hun! i love the packaging of this nail polish!


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