W.I.C by Herôme

I don't know if they're also sold in the usa, but here, everyone's mad about them. Why does everyone like these polishes so much? I don't get it, well the colors are great. But this polish was thick and sticky and I needed 3 coats to even have a little VNL. Even my essence and HEMA (that means, cheap polishes) were way better in this color and they didn't stain as much, which red polishes are very good at. This color is called Amsterdam, which is the capital of my country, but don't think Amsterdam is a sucky as this polish :') Oh, and just think away the polish on my cuticle, I blame the polish.

Do you own a W.I.C from Herôme and is that a version that does work?

Price: ♥♥
Applying: ♥
Coats: ♥♥
Stainfree: ♥
Chipping: ♥♥
* from ♥♥♥♥♥


  1. Wow. What a red. I don't have WIC yet, the color is nice on you. I am not a real red lover myself.

  2. Classic red, love it! Gel nails right? The photo gives the impression at least...


  3. No they're my own nails! haha that's a complement for me! xx

  4. I am crazy about red
    This colour look amazing which it hard to find here :(
    Love your blog <3

  5. The colour looks super gorgeous on you! But yes, the formula (from what I have) is certainly thick. :)


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