Wet Paint Nail Glaze System

Who of you knows/owns/likes/wants it?

The website says: "Finding the perfect shade of nail polish to go with your outfit or mood is no longer a challenge! Introducing the Wet Paint Nail Glaze System. Now with 3 base colors and 3 glaze colors —in either Bold or Pastel pallets— you can easily create up to 18 color shades. It's creative, easy and fun. Applies just like regular nail polish, dries super fast and lasts a really long time!"

You get  3 "glaze" colors that you can apply over the 3 "base" colors. So you can create different colors every time. I've been waiting for a Dutch shop to sell it, and finally Alice Jo Havensentials decided to do so. You can buy the polish in a 6, 9 and 15 color pack, with the last one you can create more than 100 shades.

Do you own it? Or what you do think of this nail system?

(and I couldn't help buying a GOSH peachy, a sally hansen nail hardener and french manicure stickers today. I hate sale! haha)


  1. You know I just seen these on QVC and I've been considering picking these up. I haven't decided to make the plunge yet since I haven't seen any reivews on pictures on them.

  2. I just got the email about it to. Seems interesting.

  3. @Jessica:
    exactly, I haven't seen any swatches and was wondering if it works!


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