Catrice Oceana Collection

Catrice has a new limited edition line called Oceana Collection.
there are 4 polishes and 2 of them are matte! : D

I bought Pebble Beach, a grey matte one and I already loved it in the bottle, I'm a grey lover.
As you can see it's not matte but more suede and that showed better with flash. Sometimes it seems to have a little baby blue in it.
I tried them out with and without topcoats. From left to right: without a topcoat - with China Glaze Matte Magic - HEMA Matte Topcoat - Konad Topcoat. As you can see without a topcoat it looks a little suede and the China Glaze shows the best matte. I'm happy to see that the most expensive brand works the best!

What do you think of Catrice?



  1. This color is so beautiful!!!
    Here in Brazil we have a similar , Pier of Impala.
    I love your blog x]]


  2. This is very pretty!

    I just got my very first Catrice polishes thanks to a kind soul who swapped with me on MUA--haven't had a chance to try them yet but the colors sure look good.

  3. I prefer the one with Konad coat, actually. but even without any top coat it looks super :D


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