Sale loves me

When there's sale, anywhere, I have to get something.
it's a big spring cleanin sale on and because I just received my first paycheck (how hilarious, I'm a cassiere from now) I thought it would be a nice excuse to spend my deserved money on polish!

This is what I bought:
-Konad Nailart Special Polish Pack 5ml

-some French Overlap Tips to try Marble on fake nails. I think a picture wouldn't be necessary.
-Seche Naturel, I couldn't see a picture, so this will be a surprise for me, and I hope it's a good surprise because when I googled it all I got was a "Seche Naturel" with a matte topcoat! how great.
-Golden Rose Holographic 119, I really felt like I needed another holo and I've never had any Golden Rose polishes, so this will defenitely be a swatch.

- Konad imageplate M66

- China Glaze - Magic Matte. SUCH a shame I didn't buy this before. well that's how lovely being broke is. I can't wait to use this one!
- Little sponges to make a gradient/fade effect, waaah, swatches!
- Strawberry Nailpolish remover. Bought this one two times! Now my mom won't be wining about the polishremover smell anymore! So I think my mum should pay for this haha.
- Golden Rose Scala 13, that's a flakie!

I also got a mail from, because it's my birthday this month, I get a striper, some stickers, two toespreaders and a bink pat! So I ordered some striping tape, which I'll use to make black nails with matte and jelly stripes.
I hope it'll be there soon! :D


  1. Ooh that looks like an awesome haul! I'd love to see a picture of that when it finally comes in! :)


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