My life in pictures | Spring has sprung!

If you follow me on Instagram (@reneequekel) you've probably already seen these pictures, but I still wanted to share some moments that I captured in the past few months. Here we go!

 Pretty flowers 

 Lunch: yoghurt, corn flakes and raspberries. Yum!

 I went to see Maroon 5 and it was awesome. Adam Levine sure looked fine!

Selfie with my friend Kelly at the Maroon 5 concert.
Oh Amsterdam! I've spent the last few months in Amsterdam since I'm doing my graduation internship there.

 My friend Vera and I in a bar

 I created a product line for the brand Kneipp! This is a little preview.

 Coral gel polish

 I found this old picture of when my dog was still a little puppy. She's already turning 9 this May.

With my friend Anne during carnaval. When you get to choose between being a devil or an angel there's no hesitating for me haha. I got a little crazy with a red smokey eye. 

 A photo diary isn't complete without a picture of the sky! Haha

Here I was doing a scent workshop and smelling all kinds of perfume notes. I'm an intern at Annindriya, they do scent marketing and develop perfumes and it's awesome! They also have a webshop with delicious niche perfumes. You should really take a look! Oh and they also ship international! I love the beauty business but the perfumery business sure is something that I'm really into. I should write more about perfume, right?

 A little OOTD

Oats & banana pancakes, I love trying out different mixes.

Here I was taking some random pictures with my new camera. It's a Canon EOS 1100D.

So these were some moments of the first few months of 2014. I had a great time. How was yours?


To celebrate that I'm turning 21 this month I am giving away the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette. It's probably on all of your wish lists so I though that this was the best item I could think of! 

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I will choose the winner on my birthday; April 22.

Good luck!

Beauty wishlist

These are the things that I'm dying to get! I just need to go to England again to get the collection concealer (and to meet a friend!) because I adore it and I even use it as a foundation because the lightest colour matches my skin tone so well. All the other ones are old favorites that I want to rebuy and that are quite easy to buy online or in store. All products are linked to Dutch webshops, so it might be easier to google the products for other webshops if you live somewhere else. 

What's on your wishlist?

Matching the moisturizer to your skin type

Not sure if your existing moisturizer is the right one? It’s simple! Apply your moisturizer fresh out of the shower and let it sink in completely. Before you apply make-up, run your fingers (or even press a tissue) lightly over your face. If there is any residue or grease, your moisturizer is too heavy. Your skin should feel soft, smooth, and mostly matte if you’re using the correct balance of moisture in your daily skincare routine.

If you find that your current moisturizer just isn’t cutting it, here are a few tips on how to find the best one for your skin type.

If your skin is oily:
Opt for something oil-free and look for the words “non comedogenic” which means that it won’t clog your pores. I prefer water-based moisturizers and a gel or lotion texture. These feel extra light and refreshing, yet still hydrating.

Shop Moisturizers on HSNIf your skin is dry:
Look for a thick cream that works to moisturize skin more intensely and I have found the effects to be more long-lasting than a water-based moisturizers. My skin tends to get very dry in the winter months and so I make sure to add a night cream (without SPF) or a hydrating overnight facial mask to my routine as well to keep things hydrated 24-7.

If your skin lacks moisture:
There is a big difference between a dry skin and a skin that lacks moisture. A dry one has dry patches and needs a thick cream. When your skin lacks moisture it feels tight. It's a good thing to find hydrating cremes that lock in the moisture in stead of a thick cream. 

If your skin is sensitive:
Look for things that are dye and fragrance-free. I also love the addition of aloe in a facial moisturizer, which feels soothingSensitive skins should also be extra careful to conduct a patch test to look for adverse reactions.

Shop SPF on HSNIf you are looking to fight wrinkles:
Look for something that includes SPF. Protecting your skin daily from the sun’s rays leading to a much healthier appearance. Trust me, your skin will thank you!

As a final rule of thumb, I am a firm believer in always testing new formulas on the back of my hand before I spread them all over my face. I can tell a lot by how quickly a moisturizer sinks in and how it feels on my skin. I look for that soft, smooth, matte feeling – and it almost never steers me wrong.

Do you have any tips to add?

This article is written by Lara Ramos from HSN. Thank you Lara!